Thursday, February 26, 2009

Groovy Mini Notebook

Yay I finished the Groovy Heart Notebook! This one has a magnetic tab instead of an elastic band to keep it shut (shut picture on top, open picture on bottom). I kinda like it... It's a little different than my usual doodles. If you are too cool to say groovy (apparently I'm not), you can call it the wavy mini notebook.

PS I found a tiny star cardboard box last night... I think I have had it for almost 6 years... it magically randomly appeared on my dresser... so I took a sharpie marker to it... as I do most blank things... like my boyfriend's back (and often occurrence), my art table stool.. and yes, once i doodled on my underwear (bored would be a good word to describe that experience). I am dying to get my hands on a white pair of slip on keds... that would really cool to doodle on!

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