Thursday, February 26, 2009


I found this doodle sitting there unfinished in the sketch pad I pulled out to use for my blog yesterday. It definitely bridges the gap between what my doodles are now, and the two doodles I published on my second blog 'Evolution of my doodles'.

On a side note, I don't use pencil (like I did above) to plan out my doodles anymore. I did in the beginning, but now I go with the flow, if i make a mistake, well... you usually can't tell because it's all abstract to begin with, but I usually try to hide it.

I also finished my little groovy notebook. I'll be photographing it tonight, and that will be my post tomorrow, and of course it will be up on my Etsy Store tomorrow as well.

On another side note, thank you so much to Alex and my Aunt Peg for buying things from my Etsy Store, I hope you enjoy them!

I am getting anxious... On Sunday there is a reception for the photography contest I entered. The winners will be announced then, eek! So look for an update on Sunday night.

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