Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sorry for being a little behind on my doodle a DAY. I am THIS close to finishing another notebook (working titles: Groovy notebook), and another doodle (8.5 x 11) I am going to call Penny Lane (kudos to know if you get the reference).

I also printed out an "exercise" page from this blog I subscribe to, so I am working on that. Here is the blank sheet, go to http://thescribbleproject.blogspot.com for filled in ones! I am going to submit mine once it's done.

If you care for excuses, I also wasn't feeling to hot yesterday and left work early. Also my time has been consumed with finding my very own APARTMENT! Yay! I've wanted my own space since I was little. I remember my sister and I trying to "decorate" our room like an apartment. I will be 10 miles from work as opposed to 70... yea... big difference. (I put 17,000 miles on my car in 4 months... EEK!) So needless to say, in 19 days I should be posting new things more regularly!

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