Monday, February 9, 2009

Evolution of my doodles

I figured this was the best follow-up blog to yesterday's. Here is the evolution of my doodles:

Fall 2002 Geometric pattern... the very beginning of the doodle. My friend Joe was creating a similar symmetrical pattern, so i tried my own hand at it.

Spring 2003
Words and unique fonts emerged. This is was done in a few of my high school classes... integrals from calculus, an equation from physics (can you tell i hated it?). We learned about the 7 deadly sins in English literature. The rest is a hodge-poge of what was going on in my life

As with all the images I post, you can click for an enlarged view, or go to my flickr site, and you can always visit my website for more!


P.S. I took some great pictures of the FDR highway (looking uptown and at the East River) last night, I am really excited to take a look at them tonight when I have an SD card reader (boo not having one at work), So as long as they aren't blurry they will be tomorrow's post.