Monday, February 16, 2009

Now I Can Hang it on My Wall

Washington Square Arc, New York City
July 2007
Pencil on bristol paper

I drew this for my old company as part of an art contest. They framed and hung it in their office, and I took it with me when I left... sans frame. 6 months later I got it framed, it cost me a pretty penny, but I think it is DEFINITELY worth it.

Brooklyn Bridge (view from Brooklyn), New York City
July 2008
Pencil on bristol paper

After the huge success of the Washington Square Arc drawing, my company commissioned me to do this one. This one, and the one above were (and maybe still are) used in a postcard series to promote properties that just sold in different neighborhoods in New York City. It never got framed, but I took it with me as well.

I need to find out what copyrights they have to both of the drawings (more so the bridge one, since they paid me to do it... that was never discussed at the time, but may come back to haunt me BIG time.

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