Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Five W's

I am just a girl from New Jersey finding her way through life. I am a graphic designer, but I like to fill my spare time with drawing, painting, and doodling. Art renews my body and soul, it gives me strength throughout the day, and never fails to leave me smiling and in a better mood. I want to share my art, with people, whether my close friends or the "masses". Time will tell how my art develops and defines me... my work and style are ever developing. I am constantly bursting with new ideas.

I started this blog to document my art process, and share what I do with whoever it appeals to and wants to follow along. But if I am the only one that reads what I write, that's fine. Maybe this blog will inspire me to create everyday, and if there is a lack of postings, it will remind me that I am a slacker. It is mostly going to follow my "doodles" (for lack of better words) I call it doodling... some people will call it a headache, others may classify it as abstract art.

I actually have a series of doodles that shows evolution over the years, I can distinctly remember each place my doodle transformed. Kinda cool, though sometimes the designs have a mind of their own, and i don't know how they got there. I am going to try to scan and post what i do everyday.

This doodling obsession of mine started in high school. The swirls started on the back of my history notebook my sophomore year of high school and were paired with stars (though my favorite shape, eventually faded). The other geometric elements entered the picture my senior year of high school in photography class (thanks joe) in my sketch book for drawing/painting 2. The triangle spike things debuted in my Microeconomics class, sophomore year of college. The rest fell into place in the summer of 2008, at my family's rented beach house on Long Beach Island, NJ.

Whatever you call it, it makes me happy, and each one is very different (as much as i try to replicate elements I like).

See the Art section of my website for more