Monday, March 2, 2009

Super Doodle

I did some doodling last night on a HUGE doodle I started about a year ago. It is a series of 9 panels (each 12"x18"). The first panel was posted on my very first blog. I finished a second one awhile ago, but have yet to scan it. Here it is all laid out on my floor.

Once I move into my new apartment I will put it all up on my wall, and take down a piece temporarily if i want to work on it... but until now they are stacked and put away.

Oh yea, I didn't win anything for my photo's in Jamesburg Library's photo contest. There were over 70 entries, some really great pieces. Congrats to the winners, I'll be back next year... just you wait!! hehe. If you are interested in seeing the show, it is from March 1-22 in the basement of the Jamesburg Public Library. For the address and hours click here.

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