Monday, March 2, 2009

Wow. You're Hot!

So I haven't really touched watercolors since high school, because that was one big disaster. I think I did a watercolor painting for my cousin during my last year of high school or first few years of college, but beside that... nothing. It's not my strongest suit.... but I did get up enough courage to try my hand at it yesterday. Since it was a snow day for me, I got to complete the project all in one sitting (minus food breaks, and a shoveling break). 1 episode of Mythbusters, and 11 episodes of 30 rock later... tada!
A shampoo bottle might seem random, but the "Wow. You're Hot!" title on the top caught my eye... everyday since it is been open in my shower. The other bottles my mom has on hand say "Simply Beautiful" and "Hey Good Looking". Haha.... very cute marketing. I very much appreciated it, and actually did laugh when i read them.

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