Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Doodle Project

So after finishing my last doodle I got two "great" (i am using that term loosely because I don't know how they will turn out) ideas.

1. Do a circle doodle. It would be all symmetrical and radiate from the center. It wouldn't be all circles, just my regular doodles in a circle. I did something like this in high school for a project... I'll try and see if I saved it on my new hard drive after The Crash of Spring '08. But i doubt it.

2. Document what i do on a particular doodle each day. And what better way to do this than different colors of sharpie markers!!! Well I started this yesterday, I did black. Today I am using red... and it's actually harder to doodle in red... dont ask me why, it's a mental block in need to get over. I am so used to black!

This won't be the only thing I post everyday. I'll post my cartoons or photos or random drawings, but this is cool (maybe just for me) to see my thought process and the evolution of my doodles.

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