Thursday, March 5, 2009

aka moke jokes

College was a few years ago... but while I was there I was fortunate enough to draw a comic for the weekly newspaper, 'The Vector'. I dutifully entitled it "Shower Sandals".. since all college kids (who dorm) need... you guessed it, shower sandals.

It is going to be a bit boring at first (no punchlines and random unconnected strips). I started writing it as a story, so the first few are setting up the characters and getting the main character, Bailey, off to college. But I decided to start with these as my blog for awhile since packing and moving will be taking up my time for the next week and a half.

I had a really good time doing it, and I think I may bring it back, but bring Bailey, up to speed with my life (the working world)... but that won't be for awhile after my move and settling in.

(PS to explain the title of today's blog "Moke jokes"... my brother is two years younger and we went to the same college. When I started the comics, him and his friends called them Moke jokes... hardy har...har.)