Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I made a 2 trips in 2 days to the local Pearl Paint store, and I got some new supplies (and NOTHING is better than new supplies).

I got:
  • my first moleskin!! (it has storyboard layouts, great for my purse when i think of a new comic and I'm not at home)
  • new comic pens (one being a brush tip... I'm really excited about it!)
  • a set of 4 french curves (also a first... how I made it through 1.5 years of architecture school without them is beyond me)
  • 2 blue non-photo blue pencils (it's a comic thing)
  • pencil topper erasers (yes... the kind you get in elementary school)
  • 12" ruler (I was in dire need for one)
  • Illustration board (for my doodle panel wall... links to panel 1 and panel 2)

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