Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Musings

I was going to blog about a few things.... but now I can only remember one.

My Adidas doodle
wasn't chosen as one of the 50 semi-finalists :( But the ones that were chosen are pretty good, feel free to check them out here

I'll blog again tonight if I remember what else I wanted to say... probably nothing important.


NOW I remember what else I wanted to blog about... and it was important (at least to me).

I've been drawing and sketching and doodling for awhile now, and like all artists I have sketchbooks... BUT I have NEVER filled one up! And I feel like less of an artist for not doing so (maybe a slight exaggeration). But it is a goal of mine... a BIG goal... something I MUST do before I die!

Unfinished Sketchbook Count: 6 (7 if you count the spiral drawing pad I do all my comics in)

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