Friday, August 9, 2013

Inspiration #8

These things caught my eye and/or inspired me this week:

1. Judging by my ArchiDoodles for Untapped Cities I'm obsessed with Art Deco lately. These shoes embody everything from that era. I want them so bad! (from StyleMePretty)

(found on Amazon for $96... too much for me. I'm so sad)

2. There are so many little creatures in this drawing. Found on MyModernMet:

3. This would be one hell of a "Where's Waldo". Manabu Ikeda is the master of pen and ink. Found on This is Colossal:

4. Beautiful Travelogue by Chandler O'Leary from This is Colossal:

5. Vibrant digital VW print from Pinterest

What inspired you this week?
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