Thursday, December 24, 2009

C-Day (eve)

Well it's Christmas Eve... and I gave out 5 presents last night to my best friends, Brianna, Sam, Long, Angela and Teresa.  They really liked what I made them (even though when they asked how I had some trouble explaining it.

I did not finish all 12 presents :(  I have 2.5 left... so only 9.5 got done.  The 3 unfinished have been started, and have a decent amount done, but nothing I can manage to fit in today before present time.  The 1/2 comes from one of the presents... which have two very distinctly separate pieces... so I can say i got 9.5 done :P.  I REALLY would like to finish the other 3 before New Years!

Look for pictures of everything next week!!!

All images copyright of Bernadette Moke 2009