Friday, September 4, 2009

Doodle... Cars?!

I thought this was SO cool, talk about taking doodling to a whole new level! (Uncle Chris, I'm sure you'll appreciate these pictures, especially the one below)

Artist's commentary from the website:

"First off... I'm going to bet 50% of people are going to hate this .. but i'm ok with that. I did take "inspiration" from the "sharpie lamborghini" (props to him, this took me about 12 hours) , but I have been doing artwork with sharpies for a while so this isn't my first time at this (AKA don't try this at home).

I will do a proper photoshoot when my new wheels come in in a couple of weeks, but I know you all had to see this!

Yes.. I painted my car with a sharpie paint pen...and here are the pics to prove it and to keep people from thinking it is a vinyl wrap. enjoy and comment all you like.

MAJOR props to the artist!

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