Monday, May 25, 2009

A throne fit for a king!

So since moving into my own place (yay, i'm still super excited about it) I get to decorate any way I want!! So I dug up a "throne" I made in high school. Rewind... so for a midterm/winter break project for my Art 2 class senior year of high school we had to make a throne for a specific (famous) artist. And since I was still stuck in my Vincent Van Gogh obsession (he's still cool, but not my all time favorite), I chose him.

I LOVED the end result... others (who will not be named) in my household didn't, and the chair was stored in the attic for 6 LONG years. It is back, and fits perfectly in an empty corner of my apartment! YAY!

I got the chair from a used furniture/antique store... (trust me, this chair was the first one), covered it in spackle (piece by piece) and carved swirls and lines in the wet spackle to mimic the heavy body paint Van Gogh used for his paintings. I also chose blues and yellows, two colors he used frequently.

Finally I reupholstered the seat with canvas (since he painted on canvas), painted on his first name and tada! My throne was complete!! It's not functional... but is my first piece of 3D "sculpted" art. I was proud of it then, and I am still quite fond of it now.

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