Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not traditional, but still VERY cool!

My cousin found this link and sent it to me. The artwork isn't traditional, but still VERY cool!:


"from Smashing Magazine:
40 Stunning and Creative Graffiti Artworks

Graffiti represents an art form that is unrestricted, one that rebels against conventional forms of artwork. Graffiti is intertwined into human history, dating back to the Roman Empires where they were plastered onto walls to make political statements and satirize current events.

Modern graffiti achieves many of the same things - to state a message that doesn’t necessarily fit into the norms of society. In this collection, for your inspiration and adoration, we present 40 remarkable graffiti and street artwork.

This article follows and adds to an article written last year, entitled Tribute To Graffiti: 50 Beautiful Graffiti Artworks."


This article, as well as all 40 pictures is located here:

Here are a few of my favorite photos:

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