Thursday, April 2, 2009

Partial Failure...

So I was watching TV a few days ago and i saw a commercial for Kodak printers and ink. And the ink dripped onto white paper and eventually formed the words for the end of the commercial as the announcer was talking. I thought it was cool, and wanted to try something like that, but with a face... kinda like the 2009 grammy posters. So i blew up one of my pictures really big and set to work!

After the dripping... waiting for it to dry (i'm very impatient):

All done:

I have to say, it does look like me... but the whole dripping effect when i took off the rubber cement like medium that i painted on the paper. (When you rub it off the paper underneath is still white...kinda like getting tan lines from wearing a shirt in the sun)

I got impatient so there are splotches and smears from wet ink. Also the medium is for watercolor paints... and my ink was heavier... so it didn't all come off on the places it was thick. I think I am going to try this again soon... I know it can work... maybe i won't mask the highlights in my hair... and make the hair just ink blotches... stay tuned... this is a project in process!

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