Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Call me a Renaissance (wo)man!

Holding true to my word, I am doing some more art (or at least posting it). I spent sometime watching tv and painting recently.

In all fairness I didn't do it all at one, mainly worked on the green and blue parts. The rest I did before my move.

The canvas is 4 feet by 2.5 feet. Not a shabby size. The bigger the better... haha at least as far as canvases go.

It's not quite done either. This is an under painting... the paint is applied thin and is just mapping out where I will go back in with detail. But it's a start.

I love how I already have it hanging on the wall... that's where it is going to stay while I work on it and when I'm done. It's taunting me when I walk by... "work on me, work on me, paint me, work on me, spend some time with me, make me pretty"... haha. yes... my paintings talk!

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