Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Italy: Day 2

Today we explored Florence... and I use the word explored very literally since we parked over a mile from the "touristy"/old areas. That was my fault. I played the "better be safe than sorry" card. I was so worried we wouldn't find parking close to the Duomo. Plus our phone data plan isnt working althe way we anticipated, so we cant access gps.

Anywho. After missing the train (my fault again) we drove in to Florence. Parked. Hiked. And then plopped down in the Piazza Della Signoria. Ate some pizza, then busted our our cameras and went full tourist on the city :) We even stood in line to see Michelangelo's "David". It was larger than I thought it would be. Al was nice enough to humour me while I sketched for about 15 minutes.

170 photos after lunch, we finally stopped for a glass of wine, which turned ino two glasses and some sketching. Later we headed back to our car and drove back to our hotel in Montecatini Terme as the sun was setting.

After a hot shower we walked into the heart of town for a late dinner. We were the last people to get a table and so the last people sitting. But instead of being grumpy we were prolonging his night, the waiter was funny. He was surprised when we didnt order like fat americans, and put my leftovers in front of al to eat. If we are in Montecatini at dinner time again we will be going back.

By the numbers:
Km drove: 502 (yesterday was 423)
Km walked: about 3... maybe?
Photos: 200
Wine: 1 bottle, 4 glasses
Pasta: 4
Pizza: 2
Cannoli: 1
Fried Calimari: 1