Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Italy: Day 1

We made it! After a few hiccups getting to JFK airport and running to catch our flight because we were eating all the way across the terminal we were off! Emirates Air is fantastic. Blankets, pillows and headphones were waiting for us at our seats. Then free tv and movies at our seat for the whole 7 hour flight. Plus dinner AND breakfast... oh yea no bag fees. I had two seats to "stretch" out but I think al got more sleep than I did. Deboarding took 10 minutes.. US flights need to learn something from them.

We got our car and were off. After a few wrong turns while I tried to figure out the map (we were not at the airport I thought we were) we headed south from Milan to just outside Florence. After a while we got off the highway and took back roads through Parma and Reggio. Then got on even smaller backroads that wound up through the countryside and mountains. What an amazing drive! We toom a few photos but it doesnt begin to capture the beauty.

2.5 hours of mountain driving (7 hours after getting into the car).. we were so tired. Checked in, got dinner, showered and passed out at 12:30am. Honestly it was a miracle we stayed awake that long.

Ps. Italian coke tastes different than it does in the US... Not as sweet.

By the numbers:
Km drove: about 500
Wine: 1 bottle
Pasta: 2
Fried Calimari: 1