Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Artist v. Crafter

Just a few random thoughts today:

A friend called me a crafter today. When did I become a crafter rather than an artist? Can you be both? 

Yes, I make craft things to sell on Etsy, but I also have some art prints on there too. Yes, the crafts sell more frequently than the prints. Does the fact that I sell more crafts make me a crafter?

According to the internet, crafting results in something useful, and art serves no utilitarian function. But my crayon letters serve no utilitarian function, and they are still considered a craft. 

I must be an artist at heart if I feel like being called a crafter makes me a sellout and lesser of an artist.

How can I just walk away from all the money I make as a "crafter"? Is it worth it just to be an "artist" again? 


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