Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Doodle a Day

Since it is a new year, I decided to create challenges for myself instead of resolutions (well, maybe I will still have resolutions, haven't made a final decision yet). Each month I will pick a new topic/subject for a doodle a day. I won't do my traditional doodles, I am going to challenge myself with different things like Celtic designs as well as typography (letters, quotes, sayings, etc). I'll update you, blog readers, twice a month with my progress, but feel free to follow along on Instagram (@downtowndoodler) and on my Facebook fan page.

January - Celtic Designs


(metallic silver gel pen fills in the negative space) 

(copied from the book... my favorite though!)

(an original design, too boxy!)

(middle is copied from something, the rest is original)

(one of my favorites, an original design)

(middle is copied from something, the rest is original)

Some of my lines are rough and the designs can be forced, but I love them all because I'm learning. Also I should note some designs are original, some are copied and/or inspired from a Celtic book my friend is letting me borrow.

Have a monthly "topic" for me to draw this year? Let me know!

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