Monday, December 2, 2013

Resolutions Update #4

AHH, one more month to work on these!


- Submit my work for consideration for 3 art shows or contests 2/3

I submitted a photo and was featured on
I submitted my doodles and was featured on

create 4 new pieces on par with or surpassing the level of my wave doodle .4/4

I recently did a polynesian tattoo piece for a friend that is pretty stellar.I am incredibly happy with my archidoodles for Untapped Cities

blog 30 times for Untapped Cities New York 12/30:

blog an average of 3 times a week here 75/156... I'm blogging almost every day recently.

make $1000 from etsy sales or other art sales $2046/1000 Done!

attend 6 art shows or visit a new museum 0/6

finish my website (no progress)

submit my sketchbook project on time  Fail

finish my comics from my comic-a-day project (no progress)

create 12 new youtube doodle videos 2/12


read 25 books 7/24

cook 30 new recipes 18/30:

buy myself flowers 4 times 1/4

work out an average of 2 times a week ?/104 I lost count... We can call this a fail.

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