Friday, December 27, 2013

Inspiration #16

The holiday chaos is (almost) over! Woohoo? Either way I'm going to get back into my blogging routine. Here are some things that I found on Pinterest that inspired me this week:

1. I love art. I love books. I LOVE this logo.

2. I love the lines, the tiers and simplicity of this. If I want to create typography like this I guess I can't quit... hardy har har har.

3. Not sure how many times I can say this but: I LOVE ART DECO!

4. I love this as a photo/print. But I know I would love to see this sculpture in person too. 

 (PS I may have seen this first on, not sure)

5. I've been doing doodles like this for the past month or so. It's cool to see someone else's (cleaner) take on the doodle style.

What inspired you this year?

All images copyright of Bernadette Moke 2013