Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Downtown Doodler Etsy Update

I have been so blessed to be incredibly busy with my Etsy store lately, on top of getting Bleu Dog Creative (BDC) off the ground. We even have a few orders from there so far!

Obviously since BDC is a wedding store I moved my wedding related items off my personal Etsy. This includes:
  • All chalkboard signs
  • Drink Flags
  • Cork hearts
  • Wine bottle timecapules
If you or someone you know were previously looking at these items don't be alarmed, I still make them but they are only available for purchase on BDC's Etsy store front.

I have also made the decision to move my doodles off Etsy and on to another platform such as Society 6 and/or My art doesn't sell on Etsy as well as my crafts like the crayon monograms. While this move hasn't happened yet, I hope to have all my doodle prints and starbucks cups off my personal Etsy by the end of the year.

Thank you for your continuous love and support through all my crazy endeavors... from doodles to cartoons to crayon letters!

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