Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sketch of the Day

  I have recently started doing a doodle a day(ish)... yes like my blog title suggests! They are 5x7" and I have been putting them up for sale for $10 on Instagram and Facebook. Here are a few I did recently:



If you would like any of the doodles here are the rules:
1. Send me a Facebook message on Downtown Doodler letting me know you would like to purchase the sketch of the day.
2. If you are first to send me a message, I will write back and let you know that it's yours. I will mark it 'sold' in a comment on the sketch of the day.
3. If it's yours, send a Paypal payment of $10 to and I will mail it (free shipping, yay!). So, please let me know your shipping information.
4. No refunds/ exchanges. Payment needs to be made within 7 days or it goes back up for sale.
I'll put all unsold doodles on Etsy when I get around to it.

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All images copyright of Bernadette Moke 2013