Sunday, January 31, 2010

Velocity Raptor!!!

Yesterday was Dinosaur Day!  "For those of you new to the holiday, this will be it's 4th year. The concept is as basic as the name: Draw A Dinosaur! Sketch, doodle, use your computer, however you want! Then nab a picture of it, and upload it to the website. Put it in the flickr group, blog/lj it, tweet it out, put it here, there, everywhere. It's all about the fun of drawing a dinosaur. And who doesn't enjoy that?"

I drew this "Velocity" Raptor back in college, 2004... I was in physics with ellen, and we were joking about something (and obviously not paying attention) and velocity raptor was born.  Probably one of the only dinosaurs I ever drew!

2009 Dino's:

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