Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i LOVE Shoes

This project was an assignment for my painting 1 class in the fall of senior year of college. The assignment was to paint a still life from a birds eye view. While the rest of the class chose fruits and pumpkins, I chose SHOES (after failing at fruit... twice) ! Needless to say I never finished attempt #3...

I kept the photo I took of my favorite shoes (at the time). I started working on it again around the holidays, and again last night.

I have to say my favorite is the brown Birkenstock clog (my favorite to wear and paint). And they honestly do look that worn/wrinkly and discolored! Though the dark black spot on the top is supposed to be/going to be a shadow... dont' mind it for now...

The pink shoe was a nightmare... I kept the second attempt, though I should have done it last since it's on top. I learned that later on when I did the two tiny pieces of shoe in the left hand corner.

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