Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bleu Dog Creative: 1st Year Recap!

By The Numbers:

1 Year
78 Orders
22 States Shipped to
3 Countries Shipped to
1 Fair
130 New Products (not all stuck around)
1674 Flags created (some with calligraphy, some plain)
1200 Bow Ties created
7,333 Product Views
1,822 Shop Views
44 Shop Favorites
450 Listing Favorites

March & September 2014 tie for the busiest months, each with 13 orders each
July 2014 had the most listing favorites
March 2014 had the most listing views

Thank you to EVERYONE who checked out our shop or purchased something. We couldn't have imagined a better first year in business.

The Bleu Dog Creative Team

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