Friday, March 21, 2014

Inspiration #20

I went to the Guggenheim for the FIRST time the other weekend. The Italian Futurism show was much more enjoyable and appealing than I originally thought it would be! I'm a post-Impressionist and 'American Realist' kinda' gal but I kept an open mind. Boy I'm glad I did!! Ideas were bouncing around all night, so much inspiration! Here are 5 of the artists & pieces that resonated with me the most:

1. Giacomo Balla 
He had a lot of impressive works, but what I loved the most was his watercolor studies

Study for Iridescent Interpenetration

2.  Virgilio Marchi
I could stare at this painting for HOURS... where do I get a print?!

City Bride

3. Tullio Crali
Before the Parachute Opens

4. Another Tullio Crali
 (I can't find an image of the entire painting)
Upside Down Loop (Death Loop)

 5. Gerardo Dottori (I can't find an example of works of his I like)

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