Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013

Wow 2012 is really over, at times it seemed like it would never end. There were a lot of ups like my engagement and buying a house. But a lot of downs as well. I didn't do quite what I wanted to this past year and a lot of things were left unfinished or even worse... not started.

One of the things I wish I did more of was blog. I only managed to write something on here and measly 45 times. It's pretty sad Considering I had over 300 posts two years ago.

In an effort to improve the frequency of my blogging and to keep some of my other resolutions I'm going to share them with you here and recap them quarterly. One of the bloggers Linda I follow does this and she's had a lot of success with it.

Some of these resolutions will be art related but some will be personal. I feel by having quantifiable goals and someone to answer to I will be setting myself up for success.

So here we go:


- Submit my work for consideration for 3 art shows 0/3

- create 4 new pieces on par with or surpassing the level of my wave doodle 0/4

- blog 30 times for Untapped Cities New York 0/30

- blog an average of 3 times a week here 1/156

- make $1000 from etsy sales or other art sales 0/1000

- attend 6 art shows or visit a new museums 0/6

- finish my website (started working on the doodle and the untapped cities sections)

- submit my sketchbook project on time

- finish my comics from my comic-a-day project


- read 25 books 0/24

- cook 30 new recipes 0/30

- buy myself flowers 4 times 0/4 (stolen from linda)

- work out an average of 2 times a week 0/104