Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drink & Draw Like a Lady

I've been going to MOCCA art festival in NYC for the past 2 years, drooling over the fabulous cartoonists and comics.  It's a huge room full of talent, i walk away every year in awe.  This year I am excited to be attending Drink & Draw Like a Lady for any woman that has any connection to the comic world!

I don't expect much to come from this event, a little networking, but just a chance to talk to girls who do this day in and day out, not just for an hour or so after work.  I'm also looking forward to brushing elbows with some of my favorite women comics like Lucy Knisley, and hopefully Regina Telgemeier!

I just need to put together a postcard or mini comic to pass out!  What are a few of your favorite comics of mine?  I'm looking for suggestions for the mini comic!

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