Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cartooning in the UK

One of my amazing Tumblr fans (onenineeightthree) let me know on Monday that I was mention in 'The Independent' newspaper in ENGLAND!

I poked around and found the article here, but for all you lazies out there, here is the blurb:


Every day for the next year, an anonymous graphic designer, the “Downtown Doodler” will document her existence in a series of line drawings. With entries ranging from the mundane (insomnia) to the comic (an accidental trip to the men’s room), the Doodler’s illustrations are witty, poignant and skilful.

Did you read that?  There is a writer in the UK that thinks my illustrations are witty, poignant and skillful!!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? 

Never have i dreamed I would reach any one besides my family and friends.

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