Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy on the inside

So despite of my lack of blog postings, I have been working VERY hard.  I finished 4 out of my 12 presents (yes that number grew from 11 to 12), and I have 4 others in progress, 3 more have been concept-ed and prepped but not started, and 1 is still up in the air.  I also have a side project designing a tshirt for my sister's college club, due December 1st.

In addition to being very creative at home, I have been doing a lot at work for two clients in NYC.  It will be really great to see them done and see people interacting and reacting with/to my work.

I'll post all my presents after the recipients have gotten them, so you can see what I've been working so hard on!

::Whew:: I'm exhausted!

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