Monday, October 26, 2009

Another way to get the same result

 I hope you remember my last post with the white cut-out doodle on black board, well I decided to do he same doodle again but reverse.  This time I would discard the positive space and would leave behind the white negative space.  So I did, tada!  It basically has the same effect as if I just doodled with black marker on a white board.

I want to create 2 more to make a collection; black positive space on a white board, and black negative space on a white board.... but they will have to wait.  Christmas was 2 months from yesterday and I think I have to start on Christmas presents... 11 of my closest family and friends will be receiving some sort of handmade gift from me.  I am pretty sure I'm already behind!

I also repopulated my Etsy site yesterday, so feel free to take a gander.

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